The Magazine for AUT Alumni 2018

Welcome to Insight magazine

Welcome to Insight magazine

It has been a transformative year for AUT, and I am delighted to share our progress.

This issue focuses on the changes our alumni are making in the world, the imaginative approaches being applied to revolutionising industry, and the
changes to the AUT campuses.

AUT's mission is 'great graduates'. This mission is both a promise for our new students, and an acknowledgement of the quality of our alumni.

As alumni you already know the benefits of higher education and how it can shape our lives. University is more than an employee factory. It’s about an education, an experience, a challenge, something that’s transforming. As a university of technology we try to bring out the technological aspects that exist in all our programmes, from the impact of big data to design thinking as a strategy for innovation, we know how important it is to incorporate our changing

"AUT's singular mission is 'great graduates'. It is both a promise for our new students, and an acknowledgement of the quality of our alumni."

AUT is the "university for the changing world" and as such we are outwardlooking, open and agile. We are also less risk averse and more ready to experiment. That’s an advantage in a rapidly changing environment, and it allows us to evolve both in and for the contemporary world, not last century’s world.


We emphasise the application of knowledge, giving students the chance to see and participate in knowledge at work. Internships, industry projects and overseas exchanges are important for students, and this issue features people who are transforming themselves, their industries and their world.

AUT campuses continue to undergo change as well. The re-development of South Campus has created a vibrant, attractive place to work and learn. With attractive grounds and park land, it is a real oasis in the developing heart of Manukau.

At the City Campus, a new building will be home to AUT's School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences. Opening during 2018, the building will be a hub for engineering, technology and design, and will bring together students and staff from different but complementary fields.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Insight and remain proud of your connection to AUT as a great graduate.

Derek McCormack
Auckland University of Technology

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